beauty treatmentManicure is a beauty treatment for the hands and finger nails to achieve a soft and nourished skin as well as healthy nails. It starts from exfoliating the skin, massaging the hands, and then applying moisturizer on the hands. The nails get pampered equally. They are clipped, given the desired shape and then nail polish is applied on them. There are many institutes offering manicure courses in Medway. If you are a beautician, then this is one aspect of beauty treatment which you cannot bypass. You will get many clients who visit a beauty salon just for getting a manicure done. If you are able to carry out a manicure treatment properly on them, you are sure to get repeat visits from them regularly.

There are many institutes offering manicure courses in Medway. However, you should do the manicure course from a reputed institute. Certification from a renowned institute will enhance your value as a manicurist or a nail technician.

Let’s take a look at the most popular types of manicure:

  1. Basic manicure: Basic manicure includes cleaning the fingernails and the skin of your hands, shaping the nails to create the desired look. Applying cream or lotion to moisturize the skin and the nail cuticles. And then finishing off with applying nail polish.


  1. French manicure: French manicure is very popular among people from across all backgrounds. French manicure creates a very stylish look and you can sport your classy nails with all kinds of look.


  1. Acrylic manicure: This also comprises of the basic manicure procedure. Acrylic nails are made by mixing a liquid monomer and a powder polymer. They are applied on the nails to create a hard layer as well as extend the length of the nails. These are dried in air. People opt for acrylic nails as they stay for a very long time and are less prone to damage.


  1. Gel manicure: Gel manicure also covers the basic manicure procedure. However, the difference is that the nail technician will apply a gel polish (which is similar to nail polish) on your nails and the nails are put under UV light to dry off or harden the gel. This gel polish lasts longer for almost two weeks in comparison to a regular manicure. People with shorter nails, generally opt for gel nail extensions.


  1. Nail add-ons: Nail add-ons are a very popular way to create and sport distinguished look. A lot of creativity goes into this to achieve the desired look of the nails.


If you are going for manicure courses in Medway from a reputed institute, you will learn about all the techniques of performing a manicure on your clients’ hands and nails. You will learn about maintaining hygiene while you carry out the process of a manicure. Hygiene is of utter importance as you will be applying fake nails on the fingernails of your clients. You will learn about sterilizing the tools used in the process of a manicure. If you choose to be an expert in nail art, you will be a lot in demand as your clients will come to you regularly for this treatment.