For a fresh and healthy skin, it is very important to maintain a good skincare regime. A facial is a process of treating facial skin with steam, exfoliation, extraction, creams, lotions, facial masks, peels, and massages. A facial treatment has always been in demand since ages as it rejuvenates the skin, improves the skin elasticity,… Read More

Facial plays a significant role in rejuvenating the skin by removing the dead skin cells, dirt and grime. It reduces the damages occurred to the skin due to ultra violet rays and the air pollution and helps in improving the skin’s texture.The popularity of facial has increased over the years as more and more people… Read More

Of all the occupations related to the enhancement of personal appearances, the field of estheticians, or beauticians, is an ever – increasing one. If you want to work with an academy as a beauty therapist, or begin a self – employed, independent business, this is a must read for you. Beauty Courses Beauty salons and… Read More