This is probably the busiest generation of recent times. With the advancement of technology and internet, this era has moved forward way too fast. Yet in the middle of all the hustle and bustle, this generation doesn’t know how to settle for less. Grooming and styling have become essential parts of life. For last few decades a normal facial, waxing, threading could suffice the beauty needs but with the changing environment, the damages that are been caused in the skin, the advancement in beauty therapy was much needed. Intense Pulsed Light treatment is one such beauty treatment introduced in the 1990s which goes deeper into your Skin to minimise the impairments caused by genetical or environmental factors and gives you flawless skin. Hence, is the upsurge of IPL Beauty Course in Kent.

What is IPL?

Intense pulse light therapy abbreviated as IPL is one type of photo facial therapy used to minimise or remove various skin problems like aging, skin hair etc. IPL uses many calibrated, different wavelengths of a light, the lights are more scattered unlike laser treatment which uses a single wavelength of light and mainly focuses on a single hair growth in case of hair removal treatment, whereas IPL is like a photoflash which covers a broader area of your skin, by penetrating down on the second layer of skin i.e. dermis without harming the upper layer i.e. epidermis.

How IPL Is Done?

First, the targeted skin needs to be cleaned and a cooling gel will be applied onto the area, then the light pulses from the device will be applied on the skin. You will be given a dark glass to protect your eyes from the light. The procedure is a little painful but considering the time it takes to get it done and the result it shows after a few sittings, it’s worth it. In case of hair removal, it may take more time as IPL works on the growing follicle of hair and all the follicles are not at growing state at one point of time. IPL doesn’t guarantee complete removal of hair permanently, it will grow back eventually.

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