Beautiful nails are healthy nails and healthy nails start at home.

Healthy great looking nailsNo matter what we do and what age group we are, achieving healthy nails is a challenge.

These simple tips will help you improve the overall condition of your nails. Now, before I start, I would like to emphasize that these tips might seem very simple and common, but they can help improve your nails tremendously!

  1. Wear Gloves: Always wear gloves when washing dishes, cleaning around the house and gardening.
  2. Moisturise Often: Don’t forget your cuticles when moisturising your hands.
  3. Use Cuticle Oil: Special cuticle oils can also be applied, ideally at night-time, so it can soak in overnight. If cuticle oil sounds too high maintenance or intimidating, keep it simple with olive oil, sweet almond oil or avocado oil which is easily available .Just take a tiny amount and rub into your cuticles.
  4. Better Filing: File your nails in one direction because the see-saw motion can leave your nail prone to snags and tearing.
  5. Peeling: Do not peel off shellac or acrylics, as it can cause serious damage to your nails.
  6. Removing Polishes: Always have the shellac nails soaked off.
  7. Variety: Take regular breaks from gel and acrylic nails including gel polishes, to allow your nail to breathe and rejuvenate. Don’t forget to moisturise your cuticles during the break.
  8. Manicures: Regular manicures can help improve the skin and nails of your hands as well give you a sense of happiness and well-being.
  9. Nail Health: If you have any concerns regarding your nails please consult your GP for peace of mind.
  10. Healthy Diet: A healthy lifestyle is the key to a healthy body. As your nails are a vital, living tissue, they need nourishment and a healthy, balanced diet to provide the best foundation for your new healthier nails habit.

Nail Care and Treatments

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