Occasions in an Indian household is incomplete without food, music, and henna. Basically, the henna designs form a staple of the entire region around the Indian subcontinent. They are essentially temporary designs with intricate work pattern. It is a must on any occasion and is considered auspicious especially for the fairer sex. Due to the large expatriate population around the UK, you could do well and start up a henna design salon. If you are inclined towards henna courses in Medway, read on.

Know Your Market

You must know your targeted customers. Considering this art form has a variety of variations depending on the countries of origin, you must be prepared with designs for each. Understanding the subtleties of the occasion, you have to let your intuition guide you. Always keep in mind that patterns have their own meanings across different cultures. Make sure that whenever you undertake a design work, it goes a long way if you are familiar with the patterns that can be used.

Know Your Customer

Essentially the customer choices will decide on the type of artwork that gets done. As these designs can be applied nearly all across the body, keeping the customer preferences in mind is vital. Henna being patterned on the palms show they are ready to offer and accept blessings and gifts. Patterns across the top of the hands and on the palms convey different sentiments. Placing just about any pattern thus is not sufficient. Suggestive motifs too can reflect the occasion or the quality of the individual carrying the design.

Know Your Art

The henna pattern is not merely some amalgamation of motifs and lines. It is a reflection of the occasion and the individual. Patterns can also be reflective of the family’s customs as regional sensitivities are interwoven into the fabric of the family. You can choose a variety of motifs from flowers like lotus, Pansy etc to birds like swan and peacock etc. These have meanings that make the design seem more personal and unique.

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