IPL (Intensive Pulse Light) hair removal technique is used to remove unwanted body hair. Both men and women can be benefitted from this hair removal procedure. This is performed with a Palomar machine, through which short, intense and broad spectrum of light is delivered to the area where the hair needs to be removed. Here, a scattered wavelength of diffused light is put on the skin area to be treated instead of a concentrated laser. This is a long-form of hair removal technique where it seems to be a permanent method of hair removal. However, an occasional maintenance sitting with the aesthetician will ensure a buttery smooth skin. This ensures a damage-free treatment. This process is a lot less time to consume than other forms of hair removal techniques such as waxing or shaving.

IPL Hair Removal Is an Effective Technique to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair

IPL hair removal technique can reduce hair growth to a significant extent. So, after a few sittings with the aesthetician, it eliminates the hair growth to such an extent that it becomes almost a permanent solution. The intensive pulse light which is emitted from the Palomar machine penetrates through the skin hitting the melanin and eventually destroying the hair follicles along with the hair strand. During an IPL hair removal treatment, a large area on the skin can be targeted and achieve good results.

IPL Hair Removal is a Safe and Effective Method

IPL Hair Removal is a safe and effective method of unwanted hair removal. It generally does not impart any pain while carrying out the treatment, however, a few patients might complain of slight discomfort such as getting a stinging or burning sensation on the skin, however, it goes off soon within a few hours, once the treatment is over. This treatment doesn’t affect any of the surrounding areas as a very low level of light is emitted from the Palomar machine. Patients get a permanent reduction of hair on their skin within 3 – 7 sessions.

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