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The Beauty Insitute offers a fantastic career opportunity with a flexible way of working. And a career in beauty therapy can be extremely rewarding. You may want to start your own business doing something you enjoy, or work from home, in a salon or go mobile.

So we offer a flexible solution for all self-motivated students who are unable to attend a lengthy college course or who want to fast-track into a career change. You can become a competent working therapist in a relatively short time. Of course, it is up to you how quickly you want to get there.

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We offer two types of qualifications here at the Beauty Institute:

We have our own in-house certificates. These are suited to those who intend working as a self-employed therapist, as you will be able to gain insurance once you have completed training and done the necessary theory work. All our certificates are recognized so you can obtain insurance.

We also offer VTCT Qualifications, these require more home study by having to complete a portfolio of case studies and assignments along with practical assessments and multiple choice theory exams, which you will return to do at the academy as and when you are ready. We prepare the Portfolio for you which make it easier for you to get started on your case studies. VTCT is a highly regarded Examining Body within the beauty industry which gives the therapist greater credibility both with employers.