Eyebrow threading is an ancient practice of shaping the eyebrows. To give a good aesthetic look, there are various ways of removing unwanted hair from eyebrow region such as threading, tweezing or plucking, waxing, and laser. Among all these procedures, threading is the most widely accepted technique and is high in demand for its low cost, convenience, and almost no complications. If you want to establish yourself as a beautician, eyebrow threading is a basic course that you should enroll yourself in.

Benefits of Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow threading includes the technique to shape eyebrows with stunning precision. Threading does not involve any chemicals, unlike other hair removal procedures. No artificial products are used which can cause irritation to the skin. In fact, the only thing that is used for removing the hair is a soft cotton thread. People having sensitive skin which is prone to redness and itchiness are hugely benefited from this natural technique of threading. There are several places offering eyebrow threading courses in Kent, you should choose professional institutes like Radiance Hair and Beauty.

Process of Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow threading is an alternative method of waxing or plucking. It is used to remove unwanted hairs and give a well-defined shape to the eyebrows. Two entwined pieces of cotton thread are required for this threading technique. Wrapping the threads around the unwanted hairs help to remove hair in a clean and swift motion. Through this fluid movement, hair is removed from the root of the hair follicle. Eyebrow threading is a much less painful way of removing the hair than waxing or plucking.

Different Shapes of Eyebrow Threading

Like different haircuts, there are different shapes for eyebrow threading. Knowing how to shape eyebrows based on specific face shape not only emphasizes the eyes but also improves the overall facial symmetry. Shaping the brow perfectly according to the face makes a person look younger, fresh, healthy, and thus it makes one look more attractive. For a square face, eyebrows should not be too angular. When the face is round in shape, the perfect angled brow can bring out and define the facial bone structure. For a long face, it is important to extend the tails of brows east to west. Again, for heart shaped face, it is important to keep brows well-trimmed and exceptionally groomed. A balanced brow is perfect for the oval face shape.

Choosing Proper Institution to Pursue The Course

Once you decide to pursue a course on eyebrow threading, you need to look for a professional institute that provides proper training. You should look for getting more exposure to the work environment and the amount of time you can spend each week on the training. Some institutions like Radiance Hair and Beauty located in Kent offer flexible timing for such a course. You can choose timings according to your convenience. The duration of the course is from 1-3 months to learn and practice. In this course, you will acquire the skills of threading the eyebrows methodically. Radiance Hair and Beauty provide affordable and economic eyebrow threading courses in Kent. They offer hands-on training thus enabling you to become an aesthetic beautician in the future days.