Try the Venus Freeze in Medway, KentYou know the Venus Freeze has already taken the beauty industry by storm. Over the last few years the company that makes them Venus Concept have gone from strength to strength. They have expanded their products and treatments across the world. In particular the USA and Europe have shown massive growth in treatments. They report that over three million skin rejuvenation treatments have been performed across the world.


And it’s no wonder word has spread. Celeb’s love it, Models use it for the red carpet, Hollywood can’t get enough of it! And countless testimonials and media reviews prove it works!

You just cannot keep a treatment this good from others. The people who try this are amazed at it’s effective, pain-free, affordable and quick results in just a few sessions. They soon tell their friends, colleagues, relatives and social media mates.

Of course you can try Venus Freeze for yourself and see what all the fuss is about!

At Radiance Hair and Beauty (Medway, Kent) we have trained and experienced beauticians to treat you in comfort, stress-free and at a price that is too good to believe.

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