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Is micro-needling at home effective?

A general problem with online shopping is that any customer can buy almost any Beauty device and do treatments at home.

They try to save the price of the treatment.

One example of this is micro-needling.

But is the derma roller used at home as effective as a professional micro-needling treatment?

Let's find out...


Having a micro-needling treatment at home is, in essence, not complicated.

It consists of passing a rotating roller with tiny needles over your face.

Generally, the needle depth ranges from 0.1 to 0.3 mm, the treatment really is painless or very little noticeable.

The problem is that unregulated devices have started to be marketed with a penetration much higher than that allowed for home derma rollers.

And this is dangerous. Because the treatment produces controlled wounds that a professional knows how to handle, but does a user at home know how to manage it as well?

The lack of control leads to damage, which in some cases is permanent.


Well, the main difference is the size of the needles.

1. At home device only penetrates a few layers of the epidermis.

In no case does it reach the dermis and therefore does NOT generate collagen and hyaluronic acid production.

What derma roller at home really does is opening channels in the epidermis and allowing the ingredients of your cosmetics to penetrate better.

Not bad, eh? Well, it depends on your products.

Because some creams and serums contain chemical ingredients, such as silicones or preservatives, that shouldn't get into your skin.

Because once inside, they can cause an allergic reaction and sensitivity.

If you visit us, we can advise you on the best Dermaquest products that can be applied with your derma roller at home.

2. Professional devices are more sophisticated and in the form of a pen where we can modify the penetration of the needle.

There are many different devices, but they generally range from 0.5 to 1.5 mm penetration in the aesthetic clinic and up to 3 mm in the medical clinic.

We do not use the same penetration in the forehead, eye, or cheeks in facial treatments.

Because the skin has different thicknesses.

As the penetration is much more significant than at home devices, we use an anaesthetic cream. So, therefore, you will not feel any pain.


Well, it involves making a very controlled wound in your skin to activate the body's healing system.

The body produces collagen and hyaluronic acid to heal wounds.

As our skin decreases collagen levels in the ageing process and acne, we recommend micro-needling for both cases.

In addition, in the case of acne, it has fantastic results on scars.


Well, like everything else, not if you do it at home with an approved device. Neither If your treatment is performed by a good professional.

The problems start when unqualified people have access to professional, unregulated and poor-quality devices because:

  • Poor quality needles can break and sometimes get stuck in the skin. A good derma-roller has needles made of titanium or surgical steel.

  • Consumers use at home derma-rollers more frequently, sometimes up to twice a week. Continually opening channels can cause bacteria to penetrate the skin and sensitise it.

  • Even if you disinfect your derma roller with alcohol, not all microorganisms are eliminated. In the cabin, we use one disposable needle per patient to avoid infections. So even if you have several treatments, we use one needle at a time.

  • With continued use, the needles become less sharp. This added to incorrect technique can lead to scratches which can result in hyperpigmentation and even scarring.

  • Not everyone is a good candidate for this kind of treatment. So, if your skin is not suitable, you will only damage it further.

As you can see, at-home treatment can dramatically improve the results of your skincare, as long as the derma roller is approved and the skincare is allowed to penetrate.

If what you need is an anti-wrinkle treatment or improve your acne scars. The best choice is to put yourself in the hands of professionals.

At Radiance Hair and Beauty, we offer you micro-needling combine with PRP with excellent anti-ageing results.

If you want to know more, please leave a comment or book a consultation, and we will be happy to advise you.

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