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PRP 'Dracula' treatment: a therapy for the bravest with incredible results

If I tell you to come to Radiance Clinic for vampire therapy, you might get scared and run away! No, we haven't brought Dracula to bite you. He's not going to suck your blood either! Although we are going to use an innovative technique to give you that youthful glow.

How? Well, first you’re going to have your blood drawn as you would for a routine check-up blood test.

And why do I want it? Because with the help of microneedles, I'm going to put it back into your skin.

And why do I take it out if I'm going to put it back in?

Well, because I pass it through a centrifuge that separates its components, and I only use a part that is ten times more concentrated in rejuvenating proteins called growth factors.

Once in the dermis, they stimulate the production of collagen and elastin that give firmness and glow to your skin.

And when applied to the hair, they stimulate hair growth.

So, if your skin is dull or you feel you need a more invasive treatment to get more visible and long-lasting results.

Or if you notice your hair is falling out excessively, book your consultation now.

I promise I won't bite!

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